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It is not about social class. The cagots weren’t a cultural or ethnical group. And the term « cagot », probably from the Greek word « cacos » meaning « bad », shouldn’t be used for them, because this is not a group name, it is an insult.
The only bad thing this people was to have leprosy! (or to be suspected to be at the beginning of the disease)
So, no need to look very far to see the same behaviour with the ill people in general, cancer, sida, etc…
I don’t think there has been social class lower than « serf » in France and in Europe.

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«  »n ancient Egypt, there is record of the treatment of the bodies of young women that were set out to decompose for a few days before being delivered to embalmers. This practice originated from the need to discourage the men performing the funerary customs from having sexual interest in their charges. Herodotus writes in The Histories that, to discourage intercourse with a corpse, Ancient Egyptians left deceased beautiful women to decay for « three or four days » before giving them to the embalmers. In some societies the practice was enacted owing to a belief that the soul of an unmarried woman would not find peace; among the Kachin of Myanmar, versions of a marriage ceremony were held to lay a dead virgin to rest, which would involve intercourse with the corpse. Similar practices obtained in some pre-modern Central European societies when a woman who was engaged to be married died before the wedding »

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« During training it became clear that people who are blind, yet able to distinguish between light and darkness. In this and the concept of photography was built by blind photographers. Thus, the shooting took place in a dark room â, » hand lamps illuminated only objects to be photographed. »

Great concept!