Muslim inventions that shaped the modern world –

Ahem, music is NOT properly a muslim invention, of course not! And music is even forbidden in Islam. (See by example Even if a certain instrument has an arabic ancestor, many many other ones come from various places in the world. America, China, Africa, India… etc. The toothbrush is NOT a muslim invention because what can be translated by toothbrush in Quran or hadiths is only a stick of wood what is used to clean the tooth, and the same stick was already in use in ancient Egypt (You’re agree, ancient egyptians weren’t muslim). We know it because scientists found these cleaning sticks in archeological discoveries. Surgery was in use, far before the birth of Islam. Maybe he found that particular trick, but if you say that surgery is a muslim invention, you’re not right. Cesarean section CAN’T BE a muslim invention, because Pliny the Elder told that one of the ancestor of Julius Caesar (born 700 years BEFORE Islam!) The technique was already known. Hospitals ARE NOT muslim inventions. Because the first christian hospital (founded by the bishop Basilus or Basile), was created in the IV century. 200 years BEFORE the birth of Islam.


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